Data and Internet on a mobile device

Transfer your vessel's sensor data faster and more efficiently while keeping your 3G/4G channels open.

Real-time data

Empower your sailing apps with data from wind instrument and other devices on a boat.

Stay connected

Your mobile receives data via Bluetooth, 3G/4G stays open for internet connection.

Reduce power consumption

Bluetooth 4 consumes significantly less mobile’s battery comparing to WiFi solutions.


SailRacer App

This is a tactical racing app for sailing enthusiasts and professionals.

DataLinker Server App

Serves racing data to all other 3rd party apps in NMEA0138 or SignalK format.


Connection range50 m
Data interfacesRS232, RS422
Data formatNMEA0183, SeaTalk1 (discontinued)
Baud rate4800-38400 (automatic detection)
Connections1 device

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