Old school vs SailRacer


Each of us has a different approach when it comes to sail racing; but most of the times, it’s either old-school – less tools and tech, more manpower; or modern – using all the tech you’ve got to make sure you’re the winner. Well, that tech can help you win. Here’s why:

  1. The man at the bow – He costs 20% of your sails power because he creates wind turbulence. When sailing the old school way you would have no way of calculating that and wouldn’t know how to improve your situation. This is where modern tools and mobile apps come in.


  2. Numbers matter – 80% of the times the start line is a curve. Without proper tools is not possible to judge the distance to start line and the favorite end. Sometimes it’s better to start with a clear wind that beat in a big crowd for 2 meters more “favorite” end.

    start curve

  3. Efficiency % and Wind average are the numbers to follow, not the speed and vmg. There is no effective way to determine the best VMG other than to play with different angles to the wind. Determining the favorite tack and deciding the moment of maneuver is not easy in an oscillating wind, and we all know that the race is not the time for experiments. Let the computer do the calculations – margins are smaller than ever before.