SailRacer at IBEX


SailRacer attended the International Boatbuilders Exhibition in Tampa, FL, USA.

October 4-6, SailRacer attended IBEX (International Boatbuilders Exhibition) in Tampa, Florida (USA), in partnership with Gemeco.

Interested visitors, Sailors, Crews and Sailing Organizations alike, were invited to the Gemeco booth, where they had the opportunity to:

  • get acquainted with the latest sail racing tools,
  • meet fellow passionate sailors,
  • share knowledge and experience,
  • discuss partnership opportunities
  • learn more about how SailRacer helps people around the world live their passion for sailing to the fullest.

Together with Gemeco new Mobile Weather Station was presented. Airmar Ultrasonic WeatherStartion Instrument combined with SailRacer’s Bluetooth Low Energy data transmission module featuring standalone power supply. All new weather station does not require any wiring and works with both Android and iOS. Transmits wind, pressure, temperature information via Bluetooth for usage on mobiles and PC.

Based in Kaunas, Lithuania and the BVI; and empowered by an international team and community, is a leading provider of smart, easy to access solutions for Sailors and Clubs. Passion for sailing and continuous feedback and encouragement from fellow sailors lead to the creation of the SailRacer Datalinker device and SailRacer mobile app – two solutions that today facilitate smart communication at sea and enable racers to take more efficient tactical decisions.

The SailRacer Datalinker is a device that communicates with popular boat networks, using the Bluetooth Smart technology. It shares vessel sensor data to mobile devices while keeping the 3G/4G internet channels open. This helps sailors avoid having to disconnect from WiFi instruments and enables them to share their vessel data to a cloud based system. The Bluetooth Smart technology (a.k.a. Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy) ensures an excellent communication range while being cost and energy effective. The Datalinker comes with Android and iOS mobile apps that provide a configuration utility and NMEA TCP server.

The SailRacer sail racing app serves as an additional tool next to the standard equipment and helps take quicker tactical decisions, while boosting boat and crew performance. Sailors use the SailRacer app to be first at the starting line, sail the most efficient and fastest course (taking into account wind, polar and current); as well as tack and to jibe at the very right moment. The app comes with essential navigation tools, such as a compass rose (that displays the course), a shift indicator (to show course deviation), boat efficiency, current or speed information; marks and laylines, sail wind (NMEA) and polar data. In addition, SailRacer provides integrated nautical charts accompanied by easy to use course plotting tools; as well as the possibility to scan and upload paper charts.