High contrast SailRacer display

Best possible visibility with polarized glasses in direct sun shine.

E Ink Carta™ technology

Unlike smartphone and tablets, this display is equipped with an e-paper, E Ink Carta™ screen, designed for hight contrast applications in a direct sun light.


Case sealed with a rubber allows to mount it on deck or mast in choppy weather conditions.

8000MAh batteries

Powered by a 400% larger battery than other popular e-readers allows this device to run at the highest refresh rate for days without charging.


This display works as a mirror of your SailRacer app screen. All the calculations, course management, data processing is done in SailRacer app on a mobile phone or tablet and these post processed parameters are transferred to the inkDisplay app.


E Ink® Carta Flat Glass Solution
EPD; 16-level grayscale
Resolution800×600 pixels (167 dpi)


Battery8000 mAh Li-ION Polymer
Dimensions164 x 118 x 12 mm
Weight300 g
ProcessorDual-Core Cortex A9 1.0GHz
RAM memory512 MB
Storage space4 GB


WirelessWi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
Portsmicro-USB 2.0
Operating systemAndroid 4.2.2
IP ratingIP68


Display app can be installed manually on 3rd party e-readers having Android 4.2+

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We ship next day. All options contains clip-unclip mounting bracket for the deck or the mast.

InkDisplay - 290€

Introductory price valid till 1st of July 450€

InkDisplay deck set (x2) - 560€

Set of 2 units for both sides of the deck. 280€/unit

Introductory price valid till 1st of July 880€

InkDisplay mast set (x4) - 1040€

Set of 4 units for mounting on the mast. 260€/unit

Introductory price valid till 1st of July 1720€

InkDisplay orange - 320€

Exclusive orange color case display. Special and limited.

Introductory price valid till 1st of July 480€