Measuring tacks/jibes

7A few weeks ago we have sent a survey asking about the need to measure the maneuvers:

  • Distance Lost (on TWD or mid COG’s axis) during tack or jibes
  • Distance lost to mark
  • Time of the maneuver

It was great to get the responses of about 200 sailors to the questionnaire. Here is the summary:

  • 84% thinks that this feature is useful for both trainings and racing as well.
  • 55% would like to know the distance lost on TWD axis and on COG’s median axis
  • 58% would like to see “Distance lost to mark” as a separate parameter.

The good news is that based on your feedback we decided to update SailRacer app with the new features. We just released and published the new version on Android, Apple will be published in 2-3 weeks.

Here is a short video how it works in action.

All calculations are done automatically without a need to touch the screen. Distance Lost on TWD axis starts measuring when the boat crosses True Wind Direction. Distance Lost on COG med axis starts calculation when the course changes more than 30 degrees (adjustable in settings). The calculation stops when the speed reaches 90% of previous speed (also adjustable in settings).

We hope you will enjoy the new features and welcome any new ideas to further improve SailRacer app.