Special thanks

Jose Manuel Martinez – ESP

For the Spanish language translation and sharing the ideas.

Peter Rexelius – SWE

For the Swedish language translation.

Olivier Criou – FRA

For the French language translation.

Francesco Colli – ITA

For the Italian language translation.

Wolfgang Striege – GER

For the German language translation.

Gerhard Van Der Zwan – NED

For the Dutch language translation.


For the Russian language translation.

Aistis Kalanavicius & the Crew – LTU

For the S/Y eXtreme X35 as a test environment and participation in regattas.

Raimondas Siugzdinis – LTU

For sharing the experience.

Marius Vaisnys – LTU

For the support and long discusions about sailing.

And all the others who supports us, donates and helps us to seek for the perfectionism.