Things to know

Class rules

Some dinghy classes prohibits using any GPS devices during the a race. Make sure that this kind of software is allowed.

GPS receiver position on a boat

It is a good option to mount it on the mast or next to other devices and displays and in plain view of the crew

IMPORTANT: Don’t change the position during the start and when you copy the GPS coordinates of the start line. Otherwise you risk crossing the start line too early.

External GPS receivers

Better accuracy and faster GPS refresh rate can be achieved by using external GPS receivers.

We tested and recommend using Garmin GLO Portable GPS. It has a refresh rate of 10Hz (10 times per second). It also uses the GLONASS (Russian satellite network) together with the GPS (United States satellite network) with an accuracy up to 0.5 meter.

Connection can be made via a Bluetooth interface using additional applications like “Bluetooth GPS” or others.

Data from boat sensors

SailRacer has a possibility to receive GPS data, wind speed and direction data, compass and water speed data from NMEA0183, NMEA2000, Seatalk1 network.

App works with all 3rd party NMEA0183 to WiFi devices, Datalinker (NMEA0183 and Seatalk1 to Bluetooth4 interface), iKommunicate (NMEA2000 to SignalK ).


Most of phones and tablets are not waterproof. Water, spray and humidity can do irremediable damage.

A waterproof case is a good option protecting your device.

Power supply

If you use the maximum brightness for better visibility in sunshine, internal GPS or Bluetooth together with instant tracking – battery will drain quickly. The application running in the background does not consume a lot of resources. The phone/tablet in the screen off mode, GPS via NMEA and the app running in the background, can stay alive up to 12 hours.

Off course, it is important to arrange re-charging of your device during long races. Most boats have 12V batteries and 12V DC socket. Test charger when engine is off. The electrical connection must also be well protected against salt water (even in the cabin).