pressandhold parameters

Press and hold on the parameter to change it. The following options are available:

Boat speed

Water speed from NMEA sensor (if NMEA VHW data is enabled). Otherwise boat speed will be equal to GPS speed (SOG).

Graph displays speed changes in 6 minutes time.

GPS speed (SOG)

Speed Over Ground

VMG to mark

Velocity Made Good in the direction of the next mark. Not the same as VMG, which means velocity made good against the wind direction.

Boat heading

Magnetic boat heading from NMEA sensor (if NMEA VHW data is enabled). Otherwise GPS course (COG).

Due to leeway and or current/tide course over ground (COG) may be different.

Graph displays heading changes in 6 minutes time.

GPS course (COG)

Course Over Ground

Course deviation (CDI)

Course Deviation from the previous mark.

Cross track error (XTK)

Distance from your ideal course line.


Deviation from your heading at this moment.

Bearing (BRG)

Bearing to the Mark.

Turn instruction (BRG-COG)

Angle to the Mark relative to current course.

Distance to mark

Distance to the mark.

Time to Layline

Time to Layline is calculated according to your speed average, course average and wind direction average.

Distance to Startline

Shortest distance to the startline


Distance sailed from the start


Sailing duration from the start

Target speed

Target boat speed and efficiency according to polar.

Apparent wind

Apparent wind speed and direction.

True wind

True wind speed and direction.

Wind average

6 minutes true wind direction and speed graph.

1h Wind average

1 hour true wind direction and speed graph.


Current speed and direction. Calculated as a difference of two vectors 1) boat speed/heading 2) GPS SOG/COG.

Actual/average tuning

Testing parameter for averaging tuning