At the start

  • Time to burn
    Guides your boat for an accurate and precise start, to hit the starting line at the very last moment with full speed.
  • Distance to starting box laylines
    Supports you to take the best possible place at the Pin or the Boat end of the starting line.
  • Favorite end advantage
    Based on wind data (NMEA) it supports you to decide about the most advantageous starting strategy.

For the skipper

  • Course laylines
    Supports you to navigate to a mark in the most efficient manner, taking into account wind, polar and adjusted by the current effect.
  • Shift indicator and the target speed
    Keeps you sharp in changing conditions.
  • The fastest course line
    Pushes to a maximum – readjusting by few degrees already makes a big difference.

For the tactician

  • Wind development curve (short and long term)
    Tracks the oscillation and development of the wind, helps to predict and to choose the winning side and to plan the maneuvers.
  • Navigation to a mark
    It has never been easier, takes a blink of the eye to get it.
  • Current indication (or a drift)
    Is calculated by difference between COG/SOG and Heading/Speed, clarifies the winning decisions.

For the crew

  • Boat efficiency (%)
    Is the first indication to readjust the travelers and tune the rig. It is calculated according to polar, actual speed and target speed.
  • Time to layline
    Pushes the crew to an edge setting up for the course change or a next leg.
  • Distance and ETA to the mark
    That’s what everybody wants to know when hiking 🙂