SailRacer app

SailRacer has been designed to show the most accurate data. However accuracy is influenced by the number of satellites acquired at any moment that time and the quality of the GPS receiver of the mobile device used.

The Internal GPS receiver of a phone or tablet has an accuracy of up to 2 meters. The accuracy is better when sailing than testing in a city, forest or other area with tall objects blocking or reflecting the GPS signal.

This application is used as an additional tool next to the standard yacht equipment to take tactical decisions faster and to boost the performance of the boat and the crew.

The interface is designed in a way that the important information is captured in a splash of a second without the need to analyze the numbers.

Use SailRacer app to:

  • Be first at the starting line
  • Sail the most efficient and fastest course, taking into account wind, polar and current
  • To tack and to jibe at the very right moment

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